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January 11th, 2017




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THIS 8 TRACK LIMITED EDITION E.P. IS A COLLECTION OF NEW AND OLD K+S SONGS WITH SOME FAVOURITE COVER VERSIONS THROWN IN THE MIX. RECORDED ESPECIALLY FOR OUR EXTENSIVE 2016 SPRING TOUR  THE DISC RUNS AS FOLLOWS :   1 – Evening Star – Roberts/Lakeman + Les Barker   / 2 – Matamoros Banks – Bruce Springsteen   / 3 – For My Next Trick (I’ll Need A Volunteer) – Warren Zevon   / 4 – Down,Down,Down – Maura Kennedy   / 5 – Darling Isabella – Roberts/Lakeman   / 6 – My Piano and I – Roberts/Lakeman   / 7 – Safe In Your Arms – Tim O’Brien   / 8 – Smile & Shine – Roberts/Lakeman



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 Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman are proud to announce their latest album ” Tomorrow Will Follow Today ” Their boldest musical statement to date.

After being voted “Best Duo” in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in 2013, and also nominated for “Best Original Song” ( for ‘The Ballad of Andy Jacobs‘.), in ” Tomorrow Will Follow Today ” they add two rarely covered traditional songs to eight confidently written compositions to create an eagerly awaited, superb new studio album.

* * * *  –  Daily Mirror         * * * *  –  The Guardian

* * * *  –  The Telegraph      * * * *  –  The Sun

‘A stunning record from start to finish. Achingly beautiful, inspiring and dramatic’ – CultureFly

 ‘ Bright, clean and energetic’ – The Independent

Produced + Recorded by Sean Lakeman at ‘Round The Bend Recording’.
Mastered by Andy Miles at Super Audio Mastering

1. Child Owlet
2. 52 Hertz
3. A Song To Live By
4. Tomorrow Will Follow Today
5. La Moneca ( Queen of the Island of Dolls )
6. Down, Dog !
7. Rusalka
8. The Banishing Book
9. The Robber Bridegroom
10. Soft The Morning Sun

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‘A Song To Live By’ – Greetings Cards




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Kathryn has been asked for the words to ‘A Song To Live By’ so many times that we decided to create a high quality greetings card with the lyrics on the front. Printed on premium ‘gift quality’ card they are the perfect way to send loving sentiments to someone special.

Pack of six cards – £10.00 inc P+P  

Each individual card is cellophane wrapped and includes an envelope.

Note : we only sell packs of six. Single cards can be bought at our live gigs for £2 each.

Hidden People – (2012)

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman - Hidden People 

“HIDDEN PEOPLE” is an apt title for this long-anticipated and highy praised album from husband-and-wife duo Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman.

A year in the making, this bold and superbly – crafted album includes eight self-penned songs, one traditional arrangement and a poignant cover version. With Kathryn’s sublime voice and effortless delivery, Sean’s masterly arrangements and the sonic quality of the production on the CD ‘Hidden People’ became one of the biggest British folk albums of 2012.


Q Magazine ****  ‘Classy return for Devon based husband and wife duo‘.

The Guardian **** ‘ Thoughtful ballads to stomping acoustic rock, an impressive and entertaining set‘.

The Independent on Sunday, ‘English Folk’s Buckingham-Nicks‘.

Produced + Recorded by Sean Lakeman at ‘Round The Bend Recording’.

Mixed by Richard Evans at The Labour Exchange.

Mastered By Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering.

Guests include : Mark Chadwick, Cara Dillon, Seth Lakeman, Jim Moray, Dave Burland, Stu Hannah, Caroline Herring, Greta Bondesson.

1. Huldra
2. Oxford, N.Y
3. Money Or Jewels
4. Hang The Rowan
5. The Ballad Of Andy Jacobs
6. The White Hind
7. Lusty Smith
8. The Wisdom Of Standing Still
9. Standing At My Window
10. Jackie’s Song

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CD ‘2’ – (2003)

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman - 2.

Continuing their enthusiasm for traditional song, ” 2 “, demonstrates a range of interpretation on both well-known and more obscure folk-songs along with several unusual covers.

Recorded: By Sean Lakeman at the Piano Kitchen, Devon. 2003.

Mastered by Mark Ellis at Propogation House.

Credits: Kathryn Roberts : Vocals / Piano / Flute / Clarinet
Sean Lakeman : Guitars
All songs Trad. Arr. Roberts/Lakeman except tracks 3 – 7 – 8.

 BBC Music, ” ‘2’  is a meaty, eclectic set boding well for 3 … and 4 and 5 and 6 … “

1. Rosie Ann
2. Sir Arthur
3. Lifetime Of Tears
4. The Buxom Lass
5. Willow Tree
6. The Red Barn
7. 20 Million Things
8. Rule and Bant
9. The Whitby Maid
10. Rosie Anderson


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CD ‘1’ – (2001)

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman - 1.

Sean and Kathryn’s first duo album aptly named ” 1 “. With a range of songs firmly rooted in the traditional but under many different influences from their own range of musical experience.

Recorded: By Sean Lakeman at the Piano Kitchen, Devon. 2001.

Mastered by Mark Ellis at Propogation House.

Credits: Kathryn Roberts : Vocals / Piano / Flute / Clarinet / Sax

Sean Lakeman : Guitars.

1. Granite Mill
2. Joe Peel
3. Lord Gregory *
4. Once I had a sweethear
5. Georgia Lee
6. Spring
7. The Lambs on the Green Hills
8. The Drowned Lovers
9. Lovely Nancy *
10. The Maid with the Bonny Brown Hair

* – tracks taken from “The Dark Ages EP” by Equation. Kathryn Roberts, Sean Lakeman, Darren Edwards, Iain Goodall, James Crocker and Seth Lakeman appear on this collection. Made in Devon October 2001

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